February 17, 2022

New Year, New You

It's officially 2022, so naturally, we thought we'd weigh in on one of the largest topics of the year; New Year resolutions. In this post, we offer a solution to help you achieve more in 2022 and beyond!

It's officially 2022, so naturally, we thought we'd weigh in on one of the largest topics of the year; New Year resolutions. 

By now, you are probably tired of the same regurgitated antidotes posted all over the internet, and for good reason. However, if you happen to be someone who never feels genuinely called to journaling or committing to a laundry list of daily rituals, you too can benefit in the new year. 

The truth is, it takes tremendous discipline to be regimented in something new or uncomfortable. Because of this, it's easy to fall short of your goals and discount them altogether, but don't worry because there is a perfect remedy out there for everyone! Instead of setting another doomed-to-fail resolution, we believe more people can benefit from creating a "theme" to follow in 2022 rather than focusing on a specific routine or habit. 

A theme is essentially a word or phrase that summarizes what you wish to focus on and prioritize in your life. It can be more general than most goal-setting criteria and has the potential to be flexible when needed. For me, this is a massive relief because trying to focus on specific habits can be tricky when you have a schedule that varies from day to day and is unpredictable at times. Of course, if you want to enhance your theme and get the most out of 2022, you can set benchmarks or goals along the way, but this isn't entirely necessary. What's more important is being reflective throughout this process. 

Key: You can ensure that your decision-making aligns with your personalized theme by periodically checking in with yourself as often as necessary.

This year, our themes are to "say yes to more things" and "produce more than we consume." This encompasses a lot of what we set out to do in the year, such as: 

  1. Say "yes" to more opportunities.
  2. Interact and engage with new people.
  3. Join a group that serves our community.
  4. Produce more art.
  5. Learn new 'handy' skills.

Gone are the days of failed new year resolutions! 

What's great about setting a theme is that you can continually build upon what you've previously done. This allows room for error without having the luxury to quit whenever it pleases you. A theme is more forgiving in the sense that you might slip up, but every day is an opportunity to course-correct. Sometimes it can feel like a cheat code, but in the end, it truly does make for a better you.

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