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Painting Bootcamp
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This is our most ambitious endeavor yet. Join our creative community and learn more about our soon to be online course: Painting Bootcamp 01 when you join our weekly newsletter!

A look into the future


What to expect

This course is intended to help you finally start the journey of becoming a painter and introducing you to the vast world of art through a fun online experience!

Who this is for

The inexperienced painter who wants a well-rounded introduction to working with the medium as well as the student who wants to revisit the most important concepts behind making art.

Course structure

We plan on creating a course that takes you step by step on how to begin painting immediately with practical guidance on materials, fundamentals, and follow along videos for you to put these skills to work.

Feedback and support

Every student will get the opportunity to submit and share their work with our support group and receive feedback from us directly so that they get the most out of every lesson!

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